Monday, April 16, 2012


My watercolor of a box of Oka-loka candies. (These are really the same thing as Nerds, only from Costa Rica.)


  1. Look, this is the description from the website:

    OKA LOKA is a new concept in caramels, an experience of another world! An OKA LOKA world of extreme sensations in your mouth. OKA LOKA are sour and crunchy tiny candies that when eaten create an entire OKA LOKA reaction in your mouth. Two flavors of intensive colors per box make a special experience. It goes in a dispenser box that allows you to mix and portion your OKA LOKA blast with color and flavor.

    Isn't google translate, like, the best thing in the world?

  2. Nice perspective!
    -Sunny :)

    1. Oh, sunny....why were you up at five twenty-one in the morning...?
      Thank you. ^^
      And, by the way, call me!!

  3. Awesome candy! I love the painting and I agree that google translate is the best thing in the world!