Thursday, September 12, 2013


hi there everyone!
Don't think I'm abandoning this blog, because I'm not.... well sort of....
I've decided to try having a tumblr blog....because this blog has existed for a while now, there's some older stuff on here that looking back on I don't love
Starting fresh seemed like it could be fun so thats what I'm doing. and maybe someday I'll understand tumblr. I dont at the moment, but heres the link to my new blog.

Hope you all (all 26 followers!) will come visit me over there if i ever figure out how to use it


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Holga shooting

For my birthday I got this awesome camera.

Not only is it just really awesome to look at (and draw) its REALLYYY fun taking pictures with. I'm pretty new to shooting with film so I feel like I have a lot to learn...especially after I only ordered 10 prints of the 2 rolls I had developed. The results were so cool though. Everythings a bit weird and dreamy and blurry...I think that is given, shooting with a plastic camera, but I think I'll be learning a lot of tricks and techniques as I get to know the holga.
Here are a few of the images--

(The last two were taken in IKEA.)

Anyway...its been great fun. Also, today I picked up (at a huge antique show/flea market type thing) a little and quite adorable Brownie camera for only $10!! Its in good shape and I'm going to be experimenting with that, too, once I get some 120 mm film. There are only 8 exposures per roll. How adorable.
This is what the Brownie looks like, basically...mine is a Vacationer