Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Japanese Treats

What a pathetic blogger I am!!
I don't even want to know how many day's it's been since Chapter Three cont'd.....
Well. I've been really busy, or something, and I just haven't gotten around to posting in a long loong time... (and every day I thought COME ON POST SOMETHING and then, always, some thing or another would distract me and then it would be the next day and I would think, COME ON POST SOMETHING! TODAY! And I didn't, and the cycle repeats itself. Also I have recently started to follow the blog of the artist Tommy Kane. Me: Wow! Tommy Kane posts something, like....every other day! And then.... Me: I used to do that..... :(

But I'm posting now!!! Yesss! Time to move on.

I have just received as a present (from Japan!)....a big box of weird Japanese treats!

I absolutely love the packaging. I think I might have to frame the yellow chick one. :)



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