Friday, December 9, 2011


Does anybody remember my Evil Dentists drawing I posted in October?

Now, I have another dentist-themed drawing to share! Yaaay.

I really really dislike dentists. They're so terrible! They're scary. They inflict pain! They pull out your teeth!
And yesterday I had to visit them. It was a sad, sad, thing.
But, I did bring in my pocket a little tiny sketchbook. And I did a pencil sketch while I was waiting in the chair!


But back to my fear of dentists--apparently there is an official phobia name for that--dentaphobia!! (Suprise!)
There's also a whole website called Dental Fear. With a whole bunch of ridiculous questions. Tee hee. (Actual Q&A sample:

Q. Can the fear itself be treated?
Absolutely. There are psychologists who treat fears such as fear of flying, fear of driving and fear of dentists. Through a process called desensitization you can learn how to relax and overcome your fears.)

Ha ha ha. I'm not that afraid.


  1. Your evil dentists drawing is one of my all-time favorites that you've done! But I suspicious about whether any dentist ever threatened to pull out your teeth. :)

  2. Actually, Dr. Hunt, the most evil dentist ever, wanted to pull out a tooth. But he didn't.
    But seriously, Dr. Hunt is so not nice. For example: when I saw him last he was all like "You have tooth decay HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE!!! FLOSS!!"
    And then last Thursday I go see Dr. Piech and he says I don't have any cavities.