Friday, October 28, 2011

Pip: The Story of Olive

This is random, but...
To everyone I recommend the book Pip: The Story of Olive by Kim Kane. I am extremely fond of it, because, (for me) it's the kind of book that I will never, ever be bored of. I can read it an infinite number of times (and I have) and I will still love it (and I do.)

It takes place in Australia and has a nice quirky plot that isn't necessarily believable, but a lot of fun to read. ☺



  1. Hmm...looks like a cool book! :) Maybe i'll try it. BTW, i just started a blog too! Come check it out!! :):


  2. wow! your blog is great! ☺
    thanks for commenting Bella

  3. Thanks Ava, and I love your sketches!

    With very best wishes and thanks from chilly Melbourne,

    xKim (Kane)

  4. Oh my gosh...!
    I'm so flattered you commented. Thank you!
    It is true, I will read Pip: The Story of Olive an infinite number of times and always love it. Thank *you* for writing such a wonderful book!!

    p.s. my dad says that he went to high school with a girl called Kim Kane. I don't think it was you, though, unless you went to high school in Rye, New York.