Monday, October 3, 2011

Guest Blogger: My Long Lost 4th Cousin, Igor Splatovitch

Hello! What an honor for my very distant, very talented cousinik Ava to have me show my beautiful art! It is, of course, without parallel, if I may say so. For I have decided to unveil my MAGNUM OPUS, the work of my dreams, the bane of my exhausted soul: SELF PORTRAIT IN BEETROOT. It is a remarkable likeness, one that has taken so many (TOO MANY?) years of beet propagation and complex genetic manipulation. If you suddenly, spontaneously recognize me walking down the streets of, say, the swanky Upper West Side, or upon the hip, vertiginous streets of Pacific Heights, well then - YOU KNOW ME FROM THIS ART!


  1. My Old comrade Igor! I wouldst know thee anywhere! Tis I, Sven... Curiously my garden of this past Fall has produced a tuber with a remarkable likeness to our old head mistress Agatha Schmalznik. Very soon I will attain capacity to upload these Special Images.
    Your dear friend,