Saturday, September 10, 2011

Two Beginnings

This is the beginning of the blog, so here is a short beginning piece I wrote a little while ago. Enjoy!

The train wreck was proceeding nicely, Adil thought, and shifted slightly in his perch. He was in perfect position to see everything. Jerry had been right—this really was the perfect tree. Yesterday Sam had set everything up so he could safely rappel down to the ground, if something went wrong. So far, it seemed unnecessary: everything was going smoothly, exactly as planned.
The train had smashed into the rocks and then derailed. It lay on its side now, like a wounded animal. He could see the flames leaping, flickering—in fact, he could smell the smoke all the way up here. It hung over the wreck—a black haze that obscured his vision slightly as the fire progressed. There didn’t look to be any survivors. Well, that was okay. Nobody to screw up the rest of the plan. Adil checked his watch—1:43. Jerry should be down there any moment. The train below smoldered. The minutes were ticking by. Where was he?! Adil was fidgeting uncomfortably. As he was learning now, the longer you stayed on the stupid platform, the smaller it seemed to get. A slight movement by the tracks caught his eye. Immediately, Adil grabbed the binoculars that lay next to him and focused them next to the wreck. Yes! There he was. Jerry darted towards the train—the last car had barely been burnt, thank god.

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