Sunday, September 18, 2011


What feels like a reeaaallllyyy long time ago, I sent a letter I typed on my typewriter to Pseudonymous Bosch, the author of the Secret Series. (The Name of this book is Secret, If You're Reading This it's Too Late, This Book is not Good For You, and This Isn't What it Looks Like.) They are great books, even if they're a little bit annoying, because the whole basis of the series is this one big secret that is hugely important, that the writer keeps almost letting you find out.
    But, the LAST book, You Have to Stop This (Secret) comes out on Tuesday! Yay!
    And I received a reply to my letter on Thursday, that was really from Pseudonymous Bosch. Not a form letter where they insert your name, which I was really worried about, considering he's quite famous. Here's the letter...
In my letter I repeatedly asked for a reply that was not a form letter, and I said if he gave me a real reply, I'd send him dark chocolate.
   I'll do that soon.
   Very excited for Tuesday!!!!!!

   Ava 。◕ ‿ ◕。