Monday, January 23, 2012

Jelly Tots

Jelly Tots are probably the yummiest gummy (ooh, accidental rhyming!) candy. Especially the blackcurrant ones. 

Don't they look so nice and inviting and eatable?


P.S. Lisa, this is kind of for you. 
Don't know if you'll appreciate it or if it'll just make you mourn the lack of Jelly Tots in D.C.


  1. Yummy! I've just run out of my stash of Jelly Tots, so this was well-timed. Maybe this will help tide me over to next Christmas.

    I love the candy-themed art that you've done for me!

  2. hmmmm....i have never tried those before. They look soooo good! I also really like your drawing. PS: on your lemon blog, how did you get your fish to be swimming in lemons? :)

  3. You can usually only get a hold of them in Ireland, the UK, and I think some places in Africa.So that explains why you've never had them before. :)

    For the fish, you can download an image as the background. Click the "edit" button on your fishbowl.

  4. Ooooh that explains it. And, i tried writing 'pickles' in the image thing for my fish but it didn't work! How did you do yours?

  5. you have to copy and paste the image URL.